Cinco de Mayo and Random things

Today is Cinco de Mayo and I will be around Mission taking pictures and try really hard not to be mistaken by a pinãta or get accidentally shot or set on fire. It’s my first Cinco de Mayo ever, and I’m just glad I can escape the Queima das Fitas madness back in Porto. Phew.

This is my interpretation of Cinco de Mayo, accurate enough?

Since we’re talking about random things, as the title indicates, I will transcribe my first interaction with a San Francisco hobo. He was actually kinda sweet, but probably crazy and I don’t really wanna get me a stalker or whatevs.

– Le me, outside chillin’, hobo approaches, I act cool

“- Hey! You wanna buy some weed? – No, I don’t have a permit, I’m not American.  – Oh you’re not? Where are you from?  – Portugal.  – Portupole?  – Yes.  – You wanna go for a ride on my Mercedes? *points to worn out vest with mercedes symbol*  It ain’t got no roof, so we can be lookin’ at the stars when drivin’, and the wind be blowin’ in yo hair and you be lookin’ all pretty and shit…  – That sounds like fun.  – Do you like music? I got tons of music in my car! Do you like rap music??  – Yeah, sure!  – Do you have a cell phone?  – No man, I’m not from around here, I don’t have an american cell phone (I LIED) Wanna go grab some coffee some time? I’m right across the street!  – Ooh, sorry! Gotta go back inside, see ya! You’re right across the street!”

Sometimes I think about how much I like Bjork and how we should be bffs.

One day I’ll share with you the music videos I have been in as well. Sadly, none of them were as fun as this :( and there was kissing involved in the first one I ever did, boy was that awkward. Dancing with a cat would be a lot more fun I’m sure.


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