Some news

So first, I got a twitter account, feel free to follow me

My dear friend Tânia, aka Sophie Fox – check out her cool stuff on cargo – designed my first business card and I’m incredibly excited to go get them printed out today, here’s a preview:

By Sophie Fox

I’m getting a few stories and pictures published next week, I will let you know where and when.

Today I’m picking up my first batch of developed films, which is also verrrry exciting.

Yesterday I had pancakes with what I thought was a scoop of ice cream on top. After taking a chunk off the scoop and pinning it to a bit of pancake and shoving it into my mouth, I realized it was actually butter. Ew ew ew ew. Scoops of butter, really?

I took 4 portraits yesterday on the streets, and I had an enlightening moment thanks to a prepubescent latina and her tiny chihuahua with a yellow coat. I have a new-found love for San Francisco ♥

Much love!

Edit: Still finding it hard to believe that it’s true, but RIP Adam Yauch. Damn.

Edit 2: Bunch of typos and misspellings, embarrassing.


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