Tânia in the wild

Over a month ago, I did the lookbook for an upcoming brand of t-shirts called Pipa & Rama with my lovely friend Tânia.Their website is online now, where you can order their sweet tees with pretty awesome packaging and prints. Awesome tees this way

We wanted to use the beach as our setting at first – but when we got there, apparently the storms during the winter eroded part of it, making it pretty much impossible to go down and come back up again.

Good thing was, the area around the beach was pretty scenic as well, and despite being an incredibly windy area we managed to take all the pictures there. Tânia suffered a bit, there weren’t enough clothes to shield her from the epic winds of that place.

Another “fun-fact” – my camera’s photometer wasn’t working, so I had to use the Sunny 16 Rule all day long, and making the required adjustments as the sun was setting and the light was changing. And I also lost one of my camera’s tiny parts. I guess in the end, it was a good thing that my camera broke while I’m here in SF, it allowed me to purchase another one just like it – but new and with everything working properly – almost instantly.

Tania in the sky with Pipa&Rama

And now, the pictures!


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