RIP sweet, sweet camera

This weekend was pretty amazing, I got to hang out with the awesome peoples of Spaceghetto for the first time. I jumped on trampolines for the first time, ate banana cream pie in a hipster-filled park  and walked my ass off around San Francisco. Expect to see a report about it soon!

But something had to go wrong, and while I was at the park taking pictures of our sort-of-picnic…my camera died. My sturdy, loyal companion of years, that stood by my side through school projects, festivals, photoshoots, kitty pictures and so much more has passed this Saturday. It’s the third time it has had problems in that same area, and I’m not sure it’s worth trying to fix it again so I’m just getting a new one.

So, in honour of my good mechanical friend, I’m posting some of the pictures I took with it for my first school project using film. It’s called “Our own pretty ways” and it’s sort of a passive diary, by following the changes in the lives of three of my closest friends at the time I’m representing my own life and I also draw my own conclusions regarding the impact each one of the girls had in my life.

I also did a little book with the pictures, I will have to upload some pictures of it when I get back to Portugal because I am actually quite proud of the way it turned out :)


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