Life changing events

It’s hard for me to write a post without establishing some sort of connection with what I’m going through right now.

So there are certain events in your life that help redefining who or what you are. This trip will definitely be one of them, but last year there was one that didn’t even involve much travelling, at least physically. I’m talking about the sweetest music festival in the world: Milhões de Festa (Millions of Party, literal translation).

Last year, I decided to go in the last minute, I came up with the idea of doing a portrait of the festival through its crowd. I wrote two articles about it – in english, yay! – you can find them here and here.

The key element was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and find or develop skills that I wasn’t even sure I had to pull it through and accomplish your goals. In this case, I had to approach people I didn’t know, I had to be sociable and nice so they’d let me take their picture – which at the time wasn’t very easy for me, I’m a bit shy and it was quite a challenge but extremely rewarding. Now I can approach people a lot more confidently when working on these sort of projects, and even in other work environments or when networking – it has made things a lot easier for me.

Milhões has also made me more passionate about working with musicians and bands in general, and it definitely brought me closer to the guys from Lovers & Lollypops (who organize Milhões de Festa) and some of the musicians from the bands they signed, which is pretty amazing.

I am now working on a documentary about Lovers & Lollypops with my good friend Luis Lima, and it has been a great and fun experience interacting with all the people in the bands.

The drummer from LSD Mossel didn’t want me to take a regular portrait of him, as you can see

Edit: On the subject of Es.Col.A da Fontinha, that I mentioned in the previous entries, apparently on the 25th there was a touching, amazing protest against the eviction of the people working in the school. The next day, the police invaded the school and took everything out again. I heard something about the City Hall having other plans for the school’s building, but I didn’t get a grip of all the information, so if someone could enlighten me I’d really appreciate it!


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