Getting our cute on @ the countryside

This post is about the next day after we shot the Lonesome Birthday editorial. But before I go on with the story, I wanted to urge you to fill in this petition. If you’re portuguese especially, please do sign it. It has to do with the whole Es.Col.A da Fontinha issue, it’s a truly remarkable initiative and the brutality they’re facing seriously breaks my heart.

Good people – who contribute to the community providing plenty of activities available to anyone, you just have to share your own knowledge or skills in exchange – are being violently evicted. The City Hall has been unresponsive for months about regulating their stay at the abandoned school they rehabilitated, and has now decided to kick them out of the school and destroying all the work they have done so far. It’s disheartening and disgusting, so please sign this petition.

So, as I was saying, the day after the night of the shoot we decided to use the rest of the clothes we brought with us. It was getting close to Carnaval so playing dress up with silly accessories, wigs and masks seemed appropriate.

After we were done with the pictures, we got in the car aaaand…it didn’t start. The car broke down and we had to stay in the middle of nowhere until Ana’s boyfriend was able to pick us up after work, we were already dying of boredom.

And here are the pictures, with adorable Tania β™₯

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