Lonesome Birthdays

As I am about to leave for San Francisco, and should throw some sort of farewell party or whatever, I am reminded of how terrible I am at these things. I can’t explain why, I just can’t see the point in celebrating things such as birthdays, or holidays, or the fact that I am temporarily moving to another continent. It all feels forced and awkward and heh, I like it better when things just sort of happen, with no expectations.

On that note, here’s a visual toast to birthdays gone wrong! Vaguely inspired in Lindsay Lohan and my baby Tania’s own birthday experiences :3

We spent the night at Ana’s house (from I Love ME) and we bought so much candy and donuts and birthday crap we were putting out our cigarettes on them at a certain point. We were so sick of eating them already.

We started the shoot really late because it was cold and we were all feeling lazy and tired. When we finally started, we had to stop almost immediately because I thought I had a kidney cramp. I drank buttloads of tea and rested for a bit before resuming the shoot. It was really cold, and poor Tania was literally turning purple in her party outfits and smeared make up.

This was my first printed work, on VICE last year’s Fashion Issue.

Sad fact: The pony in the picture with the balloons and the donuts was stolen last Halloween :(



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