My Little Mermaid

This was shot back in June 2011, on the same day São João was celebrated in Porto.

Pet’a is a friend of mine from Slovakia, and she is the little mermaid turned human. No, really, she is! Long red hair, blue eyes, absolutely beautiful and with a bubbly personality to match! So I really wanted to take pictures of her as a sort of mermaid. That is why we mixed swimwear with clothing you wouldn’t normally see on the beach.

This is probably my only work in digital that I don’t feel squeamish about sharing, I kinda like how it turned out and it’s my only editorial with Pet’a (she’s back in her country with her beloved Joatko) so it’s special to me.

I did take my film camera with me, but I dropped it in the sand and it stopped working. Luckily, my friend Sérgio from Mai Magazine – where we later published the pictures – had his digital camera with him to do a little making-off of the shoot, but I had to use it to take the pictures instead.

Funny moment: When Pet’a’s coral red lipstick was all smeared at the end of the day and she said in her cute accent that she was “feeling like a prostitute from Marquês” ♥

Styling by the lovely girls from I Love ME and the make-up artist Tania Pinto

Little Mermaid Pet’a peeking


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