Star struck Louie

By the end of 2010 I was a bit obsessed with Twin Shadow’s debut album “Forget”. As the year 2011 goes by, the album grows closer to my heart as this string of unfortunate events unravel.

It was August, and there were plenty of things I would be happy to forget but, lucky me, I was at the Summer festival Paredes de Coura where Twin Shadow was performing. I had no idea but he was actually quite attractive – after watching the video for “Slow” I thought he was kinda creepy looking – but then I saw him play and I was in awe. Quoting one of my friends “This man just sh*ts swag, damn!” – or something like that.

He announced by the end of the show that he would be returning in two weeks and I really wanted to meet him. So, a week later, I texted my former boss at VICE – where I did my internship a couple of months earlier – suggesting that I should photograph and interview him. This was the first time I had ever interviewed anyone remotely famous, but I sure was glad I had the opportunity to do it.

The interview went well, the whole band was really nice. I got to take pictures of him holding my pony and my glow in the dark FΓ‘tima figurine, which have now both been kidnapped. I got to watch the show and hang out a bit with them backstage. They were all very nice people, considering how tired they must have been from all the traveling. Then right afterwards they had to leave for another flight.

If you want to read the interview (it’s in portuguese, but I can translate it later) you can do it here:

Twin Shadow Interview by Captive Louise

And here are some of the pictures I took during the press meeting, the show and backstage

my favorite props, both been kidnapped. RIP Santinha & Pony



All shot back in September 2011

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