Furry Babies

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in my introduction and is kind of a big deal for me is, you guessed it, PETS!

I’ve had pets ever since I was a wee baby. If we’re riding in the same car or walking down the street, and all of a sudden I squeal for no reason, well… it’s probably because I saw a dog or a cat somewhere. I’m usually a quiet individual, but cute furry things really pull my strings and I just can’t help myself.

Currently, all my pets are at my parents’, a bunch of dogs and cats; most were strays, some were given to my mom, only one of the cats was actually purchased (it was a gift for my sister). I like them so much, my final project for my photography degree was about pets and the different relationship dynamics between pets and owners. You can see some of the pictures here:


And some more:

Taken from 2010 ’til 4eva


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