Part I:


It was Thug Unicorn’s first birthday on the 31st of August: it was hot, heavy, lotsa sweatin’ and dancin’ and lovin’ – we even handed out a Thuggie goodie-bag with marshmallows, fancy bling, a toy gun, stickers, lotsa fun stuff to one lucky pony. ‘Cause Thuggie loves everyone and we all love Thuggie.
Look at all those sparkles, happy faces and good lookin’ folk, warms my heart! Aaah….

If you’re wondering what the hell is this Thug Unicorn party insanity I’m talking about here, it’s basically the freshest (not literally since we all nearly died of heat stroke that night), awesomest party in the universe organized by me, chola princess Jackie, badass Supa and lovely Tânia.
It happens at Plano B in Porto, but it might be going to a town near you eventually (feel free to hook us up with some awesome dates wink wink).
Thug Unicorn is a godly entity that is known for pooping marshmallows and rainbows, has a taste for all things shiny and blingy, and is big on sexy groovy tunes that make your buttocks tremble.

You can get a better feel of it here!

And here are some pretty pictures from Plano B by Tina Skrlj:

Das me!







Boy, just looking at these photos makes me all happy again.
Lookin forward to the next Thug Unicorn party, Thuggie might have a little surprise for all the candy lovers.

My baby girl Ani came all the way up to Porto for the Thug Unicorn experience and hang out with me for a couple of days. It was dreamy, just like our first Photobooth experience together *hearts*


Hang in there for the second part of this post: Chill!

I’m back! Sort of.

I am now a part of the Instagram cult; if you want to follow me + the unhealthy amount of kitty and doggy pics I share, feel free to check it out.

f6acbdba072511e3983d22000a9f199e_71f8f5696083611e393af22000a9e05e8_7There’s also cake tho
dbf1367adbe911e29edf22000ae916b0_7Last month I did a cute photoshoot with Crushers, a vegan brand that focus mostly on sneakers. I had the chance to take pictures of the lovely Carla Sofia and her adorable freckles – pictures will be released soon enough but I’ll share some making-of shots.

cb1342e6f23511e28fa722000a9f1885_7tumblr_mqasptDM7Y1qbvysso1_500Also, Thug Unicorn will be 1 year old this weekend! It’s gonna be an epic anniversary and if you’re in Porto you shouldn’t miss it ♥

VICE and Cutty Sark are throwing this seemingly awesome secret party tonight – N.A.U. (as you can see in the title) which stands for New Urban Adventures (translated from Portuguese to English).

The one and only Markus Ley is one of the ambassadors, here’s a video of him talking about his Urban Adventures in Lisbon:

“Lisboa é uma cidade multicultural. Quem cá mora já está habituado a dividir o bairro com vizinhos de todos os pontos do globo. Algumas destas famílias abrem as portas das suas casas, transformando-as num quase-restaurante — há mesas, há cadeiras, há toalhas, há pessoas a servir comida e no fim paga-se a conta.”

I’m looking forward for tonight, and I’m gonna bring my magic pink shrimpins with me!

pink shrimpOn the other hand, I’d say Honky is kinda jealous. I think he wants to go with me, but it’s a Cutty Sark party, not Kitty Sark *wink wink, nudge nudge*

25976_10151696668098011_1626068232_nIf you’re in Lisbon, don’t miss it! If you need more info about the party, go here. See ya ♣

…to a precious little kitty by the end of this week. Gotcha!

I’ll do my best to swarm this blog with pictures of the little beast once I get him, promise.

Things have been kinda hectic, preparing for Bread&Butter Berlin — by the way, if you’re planning to drop by, hit us up and we can meet, yay — and we’ve just launched a Flash-Sale at our online shop.

◊Follow this link if you want to know more about it◊

And here’s the accompanying image for the sale

Cats, tropical pidgeons, bananas, funky colors and pretty models: nailed it!

I also did this one, to express my frustration with our current unstable meteorologic condition

I just find bananas and pineapples so aesthetically pleasing, I can’t resist using them everywhere. And dragon-fruits, have you checked out those crazy bastards? They are amazing looking. I’ve never tasted one, but I’ve heard they are insanely sour, so I think I’ll pass.

This is my “Summer, please come quickly/LALALALA I’m totally unaware that Primavera Sound is happening right now” post, just so you know ♥

So, it seems like this weekend I’ll be leaving my cave.

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition Les Jeux Interdits, where my brand V!TOR is showing a video we did with the performer Antonio Onio.

Here are some of Mauro Ventura’s portraits, he was also painting a portrait straight onto the wall during the opening, it was pretty cool. This picture was taken by Cristina Miguel, who was wearing wonderful neon eyeshadow and has enormous eyelashes ♥

This exhibition is a part of something very special that Onio is organizing, Portugal’s first Portuguese Festival of Queer Performance — Looseholesfest. The exhibition is perfect; it’s cheeky, provocative, appealing and so much fun. Rita Roque should change her name to Rita Rockstar because she clearly kicked some ass curating this event, along with Mr. Daniel Pinheiro. Here’s our video:

Today I really want to go see Penny Arcade at Maus Hábitos. She used to be one of Andy Warhol’s actresses back in the 60′s, she’s amazing and hilarious and her show seems really fun. I wish people here in Porto were open-minded enough to enjoy the awesomeness of these shows without any prejudice. Here she is, in the company of equally amazing Patti Smith and Jackie Curtis.

Also, there’s a Coronado Party, with which we might or might not be doing something pretty cool soon. I hope it won’t be super rainy outside (ugh), but I’m pretty sure everyone will have a swell time regardless.

Finally, tomorrow my girls from Thug Unicorn and I will be performing at the closing party for Looseholesfest. Here’s the video we did in collaboration with V!TOR. I am ever so dorky, but it was a lot of fun. And our parties are really friggin’ great and you should never, ever miss them!


Just kidding. That’s just my brain making up for the lack of sugar consumed last week due to my body’s self-sabotage.

It was an intense weekend; first I did hair and make-up at a super international wedding (the bride is a dear friend of mine’s sister) in this gorgeous place in Lamego, it was all sunny and magical and I’m not even the kind of person who’s into weddings — except for the free food, I love free food. Didn’t take pictures and couldn’t find better ones online. Sad face.

vv38After a reinvigorating coma, it was Sunday and the boys from Lovers&Lollypops threw a wonderful Taina Fest in Pensão Favorita‘s backyard. Warm, sunny, great music (Holloys and Purling Hiss played) and cats running around. So good.

Pictures from: O Galinheiro. They have a pretty solid archive of what’s happening in Porto, music-wise. You should definitely take the time to look around.

And to close this post, a video regarding how I generally feel about footwear: sneakers > shoes. I mean, if you’re going to to walking around in the countryside and rocking out in backyards, shoes just don’t seem all that practical. Especially if it’s hot out and you have to wear them for a bunch of hours. I mean, even in our shows for V!TOR we aaaalways wear sneakers. And our models love us for that :>

◊Stay tuned for more news regarding awesome stuff happening soon!◊


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